Hotel Kgalagadi, a unique and proud village hotel, is situated in Batlharos some 10 minutes drive north-east of Kuruman. Here there are still plenty of donkey-carts, people riding on horses, and community life guided by traditional values and tribal Lekgotla. Visitors to Batlharos will have an opportunity to mix with the friendly people of the village.

International tourists and groups include Hotel Kgalagadi in their itineraries, not only because it is a popular stop-over on the way to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, but because of its unique architecture, its great food and its high service levels. 

Another hallmark of Hotel Kgalagadi is the number of vintage cars used for transporting guests. these cars are hand-built by Meshack Nkadimang himself. He also made most of the signature furniture pieces himself and will arrange traditional entertainers on request. 

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